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Home-Start volunteers provide non-judgemental practical and emotional support to help build the family’s confidence and ability to cope. Our core service provides home visiting support for families with at least one child under five.

The Welcome Baby Project accepts referrals of expectant mothers in their third trimester who may or may not have children already.

We offer:

  • Home Visiting – through trained and supervised volunteers 2 – 4 hours per week
  • Emotional Support – addressing parents’ hopes and fears of having a new baby
  • Practical Help – to prepare the home for a new baby, help to attend clinic appointments, support with benefits and housing issues
  • Development – of parenting skills, attachment and confidence in meeting the baby’s developmental needs
  • Increasing Access – to activities and groups to reduce isolation and increase social support networks

In addition, the following table states which referrals/family circumstances are appropriate:

Referrals that are appropriate/eligible Referrals that are NOT appropriate/eligible
Families who live in the London Borough of Richmond. Families who do not live in the London Borough of Richmond.
Families within the low (universal, pre-CAF) to medium (CAF/CIN) spectrum of need. (Also, families who may be on a Child Protection Plan in the future can be discussed and may be considered). Families with a Child Protection Plan in place
Families where there are moderate mental health problems, including a history of depression and anxiety. Families where there are profound mental health problems.
Families who have experienced the effects of domestic abuse but where the perpetrator is no longer living with the family. Families with a perpetrator of domestic abuse who is still regularly at the home.
Expectant families who are in their third trimester, want and would benefit from a weekly supportive visit from a trained volunteer. Expectant families who have a cohesive supportive network in place and have the confidence to access health and other services


The final decision on whether a referral is accepted will be taken by the Home-Start Richmond Scheme Director.

Our referral form can be found here: Welcome Baby Referral Form (PDF)

Welcome Baby Referral Form (in Word)

or contact us on Tel/Fax: 020 8487 8500 or email info@homestart-richmond.org.uk  

Download Referral Guidelines here: Welcome Baby Referral Guidelines

Download flyer for families here: Welcome Baby Family Flyer